Use The Android Tracker App To Make Sure Daughter Isn’t On A Fad Diet

To be assured that their daughter isn’t one of those women try out a fad diet, parents can use the Android Tracker app to monitor them. Inspired by movie stars and celebrities, many women adopt fashionable food elimination diet and thus risk their health in the process. These self-imposed diets could let to complications such […]

Internet Marketing Plan Is Necessary To Achieve Your Online Business Goals

Submitted by: Nivea. David You have an online business you need to make an internet marketing plan for it. For this you make sure that you analyze all your marketing goals and objectives and make an effort to implement it. Many business owners feel that online business plan is not a necessity but it is […]

Pepsi And Co Coca Cola Two Drinks Giant Quietly Increased The Price

By HImfr Ivy Although a supermarket price temporarily “office”, but a lot of citizens in Shanghai carefully found that, in a few small convenience store, 600 ml pepsi-cola in price from 3 yuan/bottle risen 3.3 yuan/bottle; Coca-Cola from 2.8 yuan/bottle risen 3.3 yuan/bottle. Not only that, some large supermarkets, received two big brands price rise […]

Marketing Tools You Buy Vs. Free Tools!

Submitted by: Larry L. Miller Marketing tools are a necessary core element in your marketing plan, if you re going to build a successful online business. You can do a Google Search and you will be overwhelmed with 120 million responses that come up when searching the term “marketing tools.” Everyone and their brother’s uncle […]

How To Get Web Traffic Without Google

Submitted by: Steve Laba With the proliferation of social websites also come new arenas to advertise to your potential customers. While search engines like Google, Bing and ASK are still good ways to reach your customers, social networks are offering better ways to target your customers with demographics like age, gender, location, religion and many […]

Online Data Entry Jobs Top 4 Legitimate Home Based Data Entry Jobs

By Alan Lim Because of the growing number of companies downsizing or sending work offshore, online data entry jobs are becoming more accepted. Here are a few of the home based data entry jobs you can find online. Choosing the type of data entry jobs online you prefer is only limited by the experience and […]