Use The Android Tracker App To Make Sure Daughter Isn’t On A Fad Diet

To be assured that their daughter isn’t one of those women try out a fad diet, parents can use the Android Tracker app to monitor them. Inspired by movie stars and celebrities, many women adopt fashionable food elimination diet and thus risk their health in the process. These self-imposed diets could let to complications such as immune problems, osteoporosis, and nutrient deficiency.

The Android Tracker app can be easily installed in any Android prior to giving it to the teen. Teenagers are pretty smart now a day’s yet they still won’t be able to find out if a tracking device is installed on their phone. Parents can start monitoring their teenage daughter right after installing the software on the cell phone. The Android Tracker app can be reviewed by parents via an online account through any web browser.


The Android Tracker app saves all the text messages sent and received from the cell phone. Any conversations she has with her friends would be found out by using the text messages monitoring feature of the Android Tracker app. The content of every single message sent and received is attainable along with the time and date of the text. Even if any of the texts are deleted from the phone, parents can still attain all the information using the Android Tracker app.

Android Tracker app can also monitor all the calls made from the phone as well. Along with the all time and call duration, the content of the calls can also be heard. Hearing all the conversations, parents can figure out who their daughter is talking or who did she get influenced from to start the diet. The teen might be getting bullied for her looks by a certain group of teens at school. The Android Tracker app can also let parents figure that out.

The Android Tracker app also shows all websites visited on the phone. Even if the browser history is deleted from the phone, the software will show the complete browser history. All the detail s attained from the Android Tracker app can be used by parents to confront their teen about what’s going on. With all the proof available right there, parents can make the information collected from the Android Tracker app very useful.

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