Pepsi And Co Coca Cola Two Drinks Giant Quietly Increased The Price

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Although a supermarket price temporarily “office”, but a lot of citizens in Shanghai carefully found that, in a few small convenience store, 600 ml pepsi-cola in price from 3 yuan/bottle risen 3.3 yuan/bottle; Coca-Cola from 2.8 yuan/bottle risen 3.3 yuan/bottle. Not only that, some large supermarkets, received two big brands price rise of the notice. The personage inside course of study says, is expected to drink in the spring festivel doppler tide appears.

For this round of sharply weeklong Coca-Cola officials say the price adjustment by many factors, including raw material costs and local actual situation, “this is a careful decision.” By reporters circulation, pepsi-cola are not positive reply.

Reporters from carrefour, wal-mart, metro, and other large supermarket learns, they have not received notice, at present the purchasing price price with retail price are remained stable. However, bofeng lotus said they have received two big cola price notice, estimates that will soon move.

About increasing the price reason, Chinese beverage industry association in the survey pointed out that, more than 60 percent of the beverage with agricultural products as the main raw material, raw material prices for year-on-year increase by 50% or more, Beverage packaging material price rise up up to 20%.

Industry insiders predict individual manufacturer even before Spring Festival with “bright rise dark promoting ways to control. But when this year 2 March, enterprise use high juice raw materials such as cost pressures will focus on highlighted, beverage industry or will usher collective price boom.

According to recent attention by public opinion “Sprite continuous trigger mercury poisoning” event, yesterday evening Coca-Cola, announced the latest self-checking results, the company said with batches and no problem. While receiving reports of Beijing tongzhou while police to our newspaper said case is still under investigation.



With batch retention samples safety qualified

Coca-Cola to our newspaper reported says, this company to learn “mercury poisoning” incident, have immediately check all production equipment and production processes, and measuring the retention samples with batches, “the findings suggest that everything is normal, all product safety qualified”.

Coca-Cola also confirmed that currently police are investigating the incident, say again at present not suitable for further comment. For in the market whether sold products involving food security, coke’s statement said: “we have very strict quality guarantee system, and the production of products which conform to the national food and beverage quality safety standards, please broad consumer confidence is safe to drink.”

Tongzhou police:

Only received report together

Yesterday, reporters call consumers in tongzhou district police. For mercury poisoning, tongzhou reports of public security bureau of criminal police brigade a personage confirms, currently received together of the relevant case.

“Because now investigation still not the end, it is not convenient to say which side need to be responsible for, the result when released haven’t decide.” The criminal police brigade personage says so.

“Only specific considering several factors to gauge whether human poisoning,” Guangdong centers for disease control and prevention, deputy director of YangXingFen to our newspaper said any poisoning shall first see quantity, and then see is often or accidental.

Events playback

January 17, live in Beijing tongzhou district of junior middle school students WangChen and its family says, drinking a bottle of local supermarket from the Sprite body unwell, in the afternoon was diagnosed with mercury poisoning.

Media reports said the WangChen home even drank two big Sprite, he said: “drink to the second mouth, I feel very oddness, feel like jelly similar, ‘GuDu’ about a slide is down.”

WangChen father WangYiJun, says that he put the pot remaining one-third Sprite into glasses, “found a HuangDouLi size arguably”.

To understand that this is since last November, the Beijing second example drinking canned Sprite after claiming “mercury poisoning” event.

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