Tips For Choosing The Right Vacuum Trailers For The Job


There are many different types and styles of vacuum trailers on the market. There are those designed for septic pumping services and those which are specially designed to be used in the oil field or in municipal and urban environments. Anywhere there is the need to pump material into or out of a system there will be a need for this specialized type of equipment.


Typically most vacuum trailers or vacuum tanks on trucks are designed and constructed with stainless steel or carbon steel. Both are very durable, strong and resistant to corrosion and damage even in extreme use conditions. This can include hauling both waste materials, as with a septic pumping service, to cleaning out lagoons, car wash holding tanks, and even bulk used oil tanks.

Generally stainless steel vacuum trailers are used for oilfield and industrial applications. This is because of the corrosion resistance offered by the stainless steel ensures full compliance with all required regulations. For other uses, including transport of waste materials, carbon steel may be an appropriate material.

What to Consider

As the name implies, vacuum trailers and vacuum trucks work by creating a change in pressure, a vacuum, within the tank to draw liquid, slurry or waste materials into the tank. There are also an increasing number of applications for vacuum trucks and trailers to pull up solids, which are often seen in construction and new urban site development projects.

The size of the pump, and the amount of vacuum created, will determine the distance from the truck and the volume of material which will be drawn into the tank. The size of the tank and the amount of vacuum created should be considered when choosing a particular design and model.

Determining the size of the truck and the associated vacuum trailers is really a function of the type of use. For a septic cleaning system a small-sized truck mounted tank may be all required. In oilfield work or for larger industrial waste removal vacuum trailers with larger storage capacity are the ideal choice.

Investing in vacuum trailers for either a local business or for a large oilfield company has its benefits over subcontracting services. Choosing to work with a top manufacturing company with years of experience in designing and building top vacuum trailer styles for general and specialty uses is always the best option.