The Basics Of A Cubicle Track

byAlma Abell

In hospitals and office cubicles around the world, separation of space is often accomplished through the hanging of curtains. Once, ropes or wires were sufficient to hold the various fabrics and materials that provided privacy. Today, a cubicle track can easy to maintain and install.

What is a Cubicle Track?

In many hospital wards, you create privacy and separate the larger space into individual “rooms” through using curtains. These curtains are suspended from and run along a curtain tract. A cubicle track is the type of track used to support a cubicle curtain system. It may vary from institution to institution. It may also differ within each facility as the tracks are intended to suit the purpose, shape and requirements of each room. The type of cubicle track may also vary according to the construction materials or methods used for the facility.

What Does it Look Like?

A cubicle track is a length of metal. The metal must be:

  • Corrosion resistant
  • Able to withstand a range of temperatures
  • Made of material that will not attract and contain bacteria or other disease causing or contributing substances

A cubicle track has been designed specifically to address the needs of a cubicle. As such, the metal has been bent to conform to a specific shape. The metal is usually coated in white. This allows it to blend in with the traditional white ceilings of a hospital or other medical facility.

In order to make certain the cubicle track allows the curtains to move easily along, a Teflon coating is applied. In addition, gliding carriers are incorporated to ease the nature of the work.

Classification of a Cubicle Track

Essentially, you can classify most cubicle curtain tracks into two types. These are ceiling mounted and suspended.

Ceiling Mounted Cubicle Track: These aluminum track systems are hung from the ceiling. They are mounted wherever they can act in an effective manner. This system is not viable where the ceiling are extremely high (requiring ladders to change the cubicle curtains) or where systems and other obstructions prevent the direct connection between the cubicle track and the ceiling.

Suspended Tracking Systems: If the ceiling are too high for ceiling mounted cubicle track or obstructions prevent a direct connection, this is the best option. The curtain track is suspended from the ceiling by the means of an aluminum tube.

A cubicle track is part of an integrated cubicle curtain system. It forms the basis upon which the curtains will be hung. Depending upon the ceiling, you may choose between a suspended and a mounted cubicle track system. In either case, it is important to carefully research what type of tracking system will work best in your facility before you decide to purchase one. To get more variety of cubicle curtains, visit