Wrought Iron, Accents, Styles And Themes

By Tom Watson

So many questions come to the minds of many people when deciding how to decorate their homes. These particular homeowners do not know where to begin, however, as most of us homeowners start brainstorming, we successfully decide on a theme.

Since the title of this article mentions wrought iron, you can assume this is just another rant on decorating with wrought iron accessories. Okay. You are right. Just remember that wrought iron decorative accessories can be incorporated very well with practically any decorating theme you have in mind.

Consider wrought iron wine racks for example. With the continuous popularity of wine in our society, we do not hide these wonderful collections of vino to be forgotten. Bottles of wine are displayed in kitchens, dining rooms and cellars. Wrought iron wine racks make a statement to your wine displays, incorporating a rustic elegance to the dcor.

Now there are mainly three decorating styles that have been around for ages. They include Casual, Contemporary and Traditional, and wrought iron accessories can be incorporated into all three styles.


No matter what your taste or preference in decorating is, you want the interior of your home to appear as welcoming and comfortable as possible.

Wrought iron accessories can help achieve this. Perhaps one of the most popular ways is by burning candles, with wrought iron votive holders or candle holders as accents. Bring on the sense of warmth, comfort and the implications of being both rustic and elegant.

The same ideas with wrought iron apply in your bedroom and bath as well. Picture in your mind a few of these ideas and see if they help your creativity.

The bedroom dcor can be a little tricky. Depending on the style of your window dressings and treatments, wrought iron curtain rods, tie backs and shelf brackets could be an accent you are looking for. It is only a suggestion, and again, wrought iron accents in this case scenario will depend a lot on fabrics, design and theme.

In your bathroom, wrought iron towel bars, cabinet hardware, shelf brackets, candleholders, toilet paper holders and shower curtain rods are plentiful in the market today. Since a lot of bathrooms are not a big space, it will not take much to add a small, black accent to this room.

The outside of your home should be considered also. If you are stuck on what accents to apply to your home exterior or your yard, perhaps some wrought iron can help you. A welcome sign near the front entrance appears very inviting to your guests.

A wrought iron weathervane in the backyard is very attractive and serves a purpose too.

There is plenty to be said about wrought iron, but not all in this article. It is rust resistant and will last a lifetime. Leave with the thought that wrought iron decorating is a timeless tradition. It has been around for centuries and will be with us for a long time to come.

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