Why You Should Install Marble Countertops


Marble is limestone that has undergone crystallization and can therefore, have a mirror finish after polishing. This makes Marble countertops look gorgeous because of the depth of color.

Whereas limestone is a dusty, chalky rock, marble is compact and hard. Marble stone is one of the priciest materials for kitchen countertops. While it has a decidedly alluring appearance, marble rock also has a number of benefits as a results of its properties. This makes marble an exceptional material for use on kitchen countertops. All a homeowner needs to do is take proper care of it.

Marble countertops Stevens Point WI products come in various colors. These countertops are resistant to heat and cannot therefore, catch fire or burn. However, the finish of the countertops may burn if hot items are placed directly on the surface of the countertop. Thus, a wise homeowner should place a place mat or a pot holder between the hot object and the surface of the countertop in order that they may protect the finish from the heat. This will prevent the area exposed to the heat from becoming darker than the surrounding areas.

Marble countertops come from natural stone. Therefore, they are resistant to breakage, cracks and scratches. When selecting a marble countertop, a homeowner has the option of choosing between two types. The first choice is marble slab. This marble countertop comes at a high price, but it can last for the rest of the consumer’s lifetime. The other type of marble countertop is marble tiles. Marble tiles are not as expensive as marble slabs. However, if enough stress is placed on the marble tiles, they can break. They are rather expensive to repair.

Marble tiles are usually made up of concrete. Marble countertops Steven Point WI can be useful to restaurant owners. This is because they are slightly porous and nonorganic. Therefore, disinfecting them with a cleanser from a store will eliminate bacteria and germs. In addition to that, these countertops make a favorable impression on customers, thereby, boosting the image of the business. Also, if a homeowner has these countertops at home, he or she can impress guests and friends, and can host classy, culture rich events.

Since Marble countertops can withstand constant use, cleaning them is extremely easy. Maintaining these countertops is not an arduous task. Cleaning the stone with a wet rag and disinfectant can keep a homeowners countertop glowing for years to come. It is vital that homeowners purchase these countertops from known dealers in order for them to be sure that they get the best quality. It is prudent to hire a professional to install the countertops in order to avoid the risk of damaging the marble. Also, spills on the countertops should be cleaned immediately to avoid stains.

Marble Countertops – may be costly, but they add a stunning and gorgeous look in the kitchen. To learn more about these countertops, visit our site.