The Three Most Popular Types Of Home Security Systems

By Cori N. Baker

With the growing crime rates in various countries worldwide, no one can be safe nowadays. Safety and security are not just a matter of option, but it becomes necessary for everyone due to the prevalence of criminals everywhere you go.

No matter how rich or how famous you are in society, you can never be safe around. Criminals are just lurking anywhere, waiting for the right opportunity to take advantage and to victimize you off handed.

Results of studies show that the most common types of crimes affecting communities are burglaries and home invasions due to the absence of security equipment in some properties. According to the Federal Bureau of Investigations (FBI) burglars hesitate to break into properties with surveillance instruments.

Since crimes are becoming intense and uncontrollable, there is a need for everyone to have security devices at their disposal. Even though dogs are the famous option for homeowners, not at all times that they provide safety and protection to families because they can easily be tamed even by intruders and there are also instances where these animals get sick, affecting their alertness. Because of its inefficacy, you have to find effective means to secure and to provide safety to your family.

With the advancement of computers and technology and the prevalence of technological innovations in the market, myriad security devices are offered to customers, ranging from wired to wireless. Due to the availability of wide array of security instruments, consumers are often confused as to what device to choose from. Before you buy anything, should consider first your budget, purpose, types of equipment needed and where you intend to install them. You should also consider if you want another party to install these devices or you want yourself to install them to save on cost.


The three popular surveillance system include:

1. Wired – It is usually considered as the most dependable among the three because it has a control panel, a key pad, backup battery, siren, circuit function and a jack. These components ensure that your device is properly functioning as expected. It is affordable but you have to install it during the construction stage of your house.

2. Wireless – Wireless technology becomes popular nowadays due to the onset of numerous wireless computer devices in the market. Wireless security systems are also known as all-in-one units because their components are combined in one package. These instruments are considered the most reliable you can find because you can disable the signal before it reaches the police.

3. Hybrid – It is a combination of wired and wireless technology.

Other popular home security alarms include:

*Glass break sensors – These are usually placed in windows and can detect vibrations once window glass is broken by burglars.

*Panic buttons – You have the option to manually activate the buttons once you detect an intruder in your house. You can place them near your bed, doorways or you can wear them on.

*Stress sensors – These detectors are usually placed under carpets, floor joists or rugs. These are activated when someone stepped into it.

*Security cameras – They are usually placed either outside or inside your home. You can view all persons coming in and out of your property.

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