Get A Great Smile With Help From Your Dentist

byAlma Abell

When it comes to flashing your pearly whites, it helps to have a beautiful smile. Opting to be cared for by the best dentist Stratford, CT has to offer can help you with this goal. Your dentist will work diligently to perform the needed procedures so that you can enjoy a healthy and glowing smile for years to come. When you choose to work with the best dentist Stratford, CT, you will feel radiant and young again as you enjoy a fantastic and well cared for smile.

Teeth whitening


A great smile is often determined by the whiteness of your grin. Whiter teeth result in a more youthful appearance that enhances your overall look. You can get the white smile you are hoping for when you choose to get in office teeth whitening. Your dentist Stratford, CT provider will fit the dental trays to your teeth and make certain that the whitening solution is in the trays. Then using a special light, the whitening process will begin. In just a few minutes, fantastic results will be revealed in the form of beautiful glowing teeth that are the epitome of beauty.

Straightening uneven teeth

If your teeth are uneven and need to be straightened, this can be done easily with help from your dentist Stratford, CT professional. They will first provide you with an in depth consultation to determine the best straightening method. Your dentist Stratford, CT provider may recommend Invisalign which gently aligns teeth over a period of time. Aligners that are clear colored are placed in the mouth and gently reposition the teeth over a few weeks time. Then the patient enjoys an improved smile at the end of the allotted time period.

Replacing missing teeth

Another way that your dentist Stratford, CT professional will help you is by replacing any teeth that are missing. If it is a whole row of teeth, they can place partials which can make your smile much more uniform. Other teeth replacement options include dental implants which are more of a permanent option. Your dental implants will need time to heal so they can be securely affixed into your gum.

These are some of the ways in which your dentist Stratford, CT professional can improve your smile. Don’t delay your visit to the dentist any longer than necessary. You may be inadvertently putting off that beautiful smile that is just around the corner.

Select the best dentist Stratford, CT has to offer when you choose Bridgeport Family Dentistry for all of your dental needs.