Will Budget Insurance Provide Adequate Cover?

Submitted by: Sally Jurdon

When you buy a product or service for cheaper than you anticipated, you instantly expect that the product is below standard or that there’s some or other catch that you must look out for. And in a lot of instances, the milk or yogurt that you bought on special went sour in a day or 2 and the pair of pants that was discounted by 50% shrunk after the first time you washed it. Does the same go for budget insurance?

If insurance policy prices are too good to be real, it’s likely that it is! But, with that being said, every rule has an exception! Because of this, budget insurance doesn’t imply that you will receive inadequate cover, or that you may have a huge excess amount to pay each time you claim. Neither is it connected to poor and less than efficient service.

If you are searching for more affordable insurance policies there are a number of things that you can do to insure more affordable premiums:


Try to keep your insurance record as clean as you possibly can. Obviously accidents happen and all insurance companies fully grasp this, however , if you’ve had 12 bumper bashings in the past 24 months and they were all your fault, this can be frowned upon.

Get hitched! Okay, I am joking (a little bit though!) Married persons are regarded as lower risk clients than single persons. The explanation for this is that insurance firms see matrimony as an indication of responsibility and commitment.

Normally if you have a spouse or a household to care for you won’t be taking reckless chances by driving a car like a maniac on the highways.

Older persons can be eligible for a budget insurance without difficulty. Much like being married, older people are also seen as more established people – not risk takers and adventurists like many younger individuals. Of course you cannot do much about your actual age, but it is possible to nominate an older driver as a 2nd driver on the car.

Choose a higher voluntary excess payment. An excess payment is the payment you need to pay in order to claim from your insurance plan. This is not dependent on whose fault the crash was or what the claim amount is, an excess amount is always payable by the policy owner and the amount will also be a set amount. If you choose to pay a higher voluntary excess whenever you claim, your monthly premiums will in most cases be lowered but just be very careful that you are not shooting yourself in the foot along the way. It’s no use if your excess amount is so high that it actually exceeds the claim amount.

The last and most obvious thing to do is to research options and rates! Compare quotes from various insurance companies – the more the better! If you’re not satisfied with what one company is offering you, move on to the next! Chances are that you will be able to secure a budget insurance policy with comprehensive insurance cover!

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