Why You Should Try Homemade Paper Decorations For Cinco De Mayo

Submitted by: Christine Szalay-Kudra

Decorating is part of the fun whenever you celebrate. Think how bland Christmas would be without all the lights and colorful balls on the tree. Take decorating to a whole new level and make some traditional Mexican decorations for Cinco de Mayo.

Papel picado is the Mexican art of paper cutting. Sheets of tissue are used to make wonderful lacy patterns that are draped over the walls, the windows, and tables. This makes a perfect project for the kids. They will have a great time! You can help hang them on strings for decorating later.

Pick out some colorful tissue paper sheets, some pinking shears or craft scissors, fancy hole punches, an iron, string and glue. You can use red, green and white, since they are the colors of the Mexican flag, or you can pick out some pretty tropical colors. Once you have gathered all your materials, fold a single sheet of tissue in half on the short side. Fold it into quarters, and then into eighths. This project is very similar to making paper snowflakes.

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Unfold the paper and refold it along the same folds the opposite way to flatten the paper. You can use an iron set on a low temperature to flatten the paper so it is easier to cut. When using the iron, make sure you do not have water in it for steaming.

Craft scissors that make a specific pattern or pinking shears can be used to cut the edge of the paper so it looks nice unfolded. Take your hole punches and make a repetitive pattern all over the folded paper. With all the different shapes they come in now, you should be able to make some interesting patterns. Don’t punch the folds because it jams the hole punch.

When you are done making holes, carefully unfold the tissue paper. Use the iron to remove the creases from your folds. Set it to a warm temperature, but not too hot. Your sheets will now be full of lacy patterns.

Cut a length of string so you can hang them up as banners. Make it long enough to glue several tissues in a row. Fold the top of the tissue over by about half an inch. Place the string in this fold and glue the edges of the paper down. Mix up the colors in your banner strings so you get the full effect of color. Let them dry thoroughly before you hang them up. Drape them along the walls, over windows and around tables.

Placemats can be made from single sheet of tissue. Place them under each plate or under the serving dishes of the easy Mexican recipes that will make up your dinner. Everyone can help with this craft and help decorate for the celebration, even the little ones. They just need some supervision.

Everyone will adore your beautiful decorations on Cinco de Mayo. You may like them enough that you do not want to take them down. This little craft gives your home a little flavor of Mexico, transforming the light through your windows into small colored patterns. It will help everyone be in the mood to celebrate Cinco de Mayo.

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