Why And What Is The Mot?

Why And What Is The MOT?


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We understand, we care. This is the principle we follow in this company that has been taking care for your cars for quite some time now. We as a company, are aware that nobody likes to take their car for the MOT and because we care and understand, let us be the one to assist you. We offer the best of the service to keep that smile intact on your face. If you are looking forward for an unbiased, fair, trouble-free, swift, suitable, independent and not to forget safe services, look no further; we cater everything you desire. There is one thing, we can assure you of, our company is reputed for providing car service and after service facilities. Neither do we have any vested interests nor we unnecessarily find work or repair, not required on your car.

Why And What Is The MOT?

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Broadly speaking, the MOT can be referred to as the test that every vehicle has to undergo, running on the road for a stipulated period of time, and get a certification of their proper functioning. This is a mandatory test authorised by the government for vehicles that are ten years old and running. The test is carried out on every car that has surpassed ten years and continue annually since then. It can be carried out at MOT stations or every service station authorised to do it.

The MOT test covers every part of the vehicle thoroughly tested for its proper functioning. The vehicle has to be tested for its structure, body, emission of smoke, consumption of fuel, seat belts, indicators, backlights, headlights, wheels, steering, brake pedals etc. The authority governing the test may either pass or fail the vehicle, depending on the condition and the performance of the vehicle.

The Procedure Of Conducting The MOT

The procedure for conducting the test have undergone a lot of change in the recent past. Lots of things are taken into consideration in the test conducted in the present times and many things have been incorporated in the test which were not there earlier. The testing of the vehicle continues for ten days and a report is prepared at the completion of the test. The vehicles that are not in conformity with the standards laid down by the government or fail the test, have to undergo repair and again present themselves for the test. Such vehicles are given up to 50% leverage in expenditure incurred in the repair. But, if the same vehicle fails to pass the test again, the individual has to bear the actual cost of the repair. The test is distinguished into seven categories subject to the kind of the vehicle.

The MOT test ensures that the vehicle is fully capable to run on the road and is not a hazard to the environment and the life of other people at large. We care for your life and your vehicle and provide you with the service, trusted by millions of satisfied customers.

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