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It’s time that your chosen organization does some bathroom remodeling, but you’re undecided on places to start on the subject of bathroom partitions. Here’s a comprehensive guide to help with the entire process.

Measurements of Bathroom

First off, you’re about to need the measurements of this bathroom. Sketch a fundamental layout of your bathroom showing all of the stalls and from any walls that they’ll be connected with. Then, measure the space between walls as well as the size of the room. Note the width of each and every stall. Typically, a regular stall is 36″ as well as a handicap stall is 60″.

Bathroom Partition Material

One of the greatest tasks related to your project is going to be choosing the proper toilet partitions for your environment.

1. Powder Coated Steel – Among the many better known bathroom stall types from it being the most cost effective and still offering state of the art finish that is applied electrostatically over galvanealed steel. This sort is extremely resistant to fading, scuffs, and general wear. Very easy to clean. Usually featured in a good amount of colors match your bathroom style.


2. Solid Plastic – These would be best for bathrooms with a large quantity of traffic. Not easily dented and so are easy to clean. Plastic toilet partitions are manufactured with 100% post consumer plastic making them green. Extremely durable and usually utilized in low maintenance bathrooms. Unaffected by mugginess or corrosion and resistant to any type of moisture.

3. Stainless Steel – Chrome steel partitions are made to withstand the toughest of conditions that they are nearly indestructible. Usually constructed using type #304 stainless. Very popular in busy and high-end locations. Features a very elegant, modern look that goes well with several bobrick bathroom accessories. Any type of graffiti or vandalism is definitely removed by buffing.

4. Plastic Laminate – In case the stylish appearance your bathroom is important for your requirements than this could be your option. Laminate stalls are for sale inside of a broad variety of colors and finishes. They are banded to ensure the most effective water resistance and wearability.

5. Solid Phenolic – These bathroom partitions are best used in a location where durability and strength really are a high priority. Produced to handle the harshest environments, phenolic is impact, corrosion and water-proof. Does not will let the growth of bacteria.

Contact Your Vendo

Given that you’ve got your design layout and also you understand type of material you will need, you can embark the ordering process. Many directories will turn you away for those who don’t have got a layout ready. Luckily, we’ve got that part covered. They’ll walk you through getting the best pricing and really should give you a CAD layout within your bathroom. Make sure to ask any questions you may have relating to the functionality, layout, or aesthetic design.

Place Orde

Once you’ve gotten a your CAD layouts, pricing, color charts and the rest they’ll provide you’ll require confirm your bathroom measurements before ordering. The measurements need to be accurate. Take account any obstructions that may be present. Confirm perhaps the layout meets ADA requirements.

Prepare For Delivery

We’re now along at the final stages of your bathroom stall order. But your bathroom stalls are being constructed, you’ll be given a code that tracks your order from the manufacturing and delivery process. When your order is complete, it’ll be inspected, boxed, and loaded for delivery.

Now, to make sure you’re all set for your shipment. Be sure you have an area to store the new partitions plus a plan of what to perform along with your old partitions. Except if you have a very loading dock or forklift, it’s a good idea to contain an extra set of two hands to help with unloading. If the will be a concern, ask your vendor in the event that they can arrange any sort of assistance with unloading. Inspect the shipment prior to a driver leaves. Assuming there is any kind of damage, make sure to make note of that after you sign for the partitions.

Step six. Last possible second Tips

– Have alternate restrooms available

– Keep everything clean and organized

– Measure twice, Drill once!

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