Today’s Wedding Band Styles And Ideas

Today’s Wedding Band Styles and Ideas by Jen CarterAs your wedding band is something you are going to wear all the time, it is imperative that you choose the one that really touches your heart. As far as wedding bands are concerned, the new styles are an attractive blend of the modern with the traditional. Diamonds, almost always a women’s favorite, are now fast becoming a men’s favorite as well. It is evident from the record number of diamond wedding bands now being bought for men. The tilt towards diamonds is because they are classy, elegant and sophisticated. Flush settings in gold, platinum, or titanium are the most sought after items. Small diamonds placed geometrically around the entire band is also popular. So, a wedding couple can buy matching bands or similar bands that accent each other and designers are now making coordinating wedding bands. Those who want something different from the traditional yellow gold go for titanium and platinum, both of them being very popular. Platinum these days is no longer mixed with yellow gold and high polished platinum itself commands a big following. Titanium, while being similar to platinum in appearance, is less expensive and more durable than platinum.Past still fascinates today’s designers and delicate scroll work and intricate patterns are now extremely popular. Designs from the Art Nouveau and Edwardian period have captivated the imagination of present day designers. Not stiff, but flowing and fluid designs are the latest craze. Since women wear their wedding bands all the time, they want their rings to reflect who they are. Women also prefer wedding rings that will match the other jewelry pieces they wear. Although the round brilliant cut is the most popular diamond shape, many women are opting to be different and going for more non- traditional cuts for their engagement rings. Emerald cuts, baguettes, and marquis have become more popular in the last few years.In the present age, both bride and groom can combine tradition with choices that reflect their individual tastes and personalities. It is quite natural that one will want to keep his/her wedding ring for a long time to come. For this, only those rings should be chosen which can survive the test of time and do not fade out as soon as the fad disappears. Your options are many, and the possibilities countless. So be an early bird, understand your options, and apply your mind to create that right symbol of your love.Jen Carter is owner of My Wedding Blog offering the newest wedding articles about topics including wedding band stylesArticle Source:

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