Tips For Achieving A Smooth Asphalt Driveway In Norwich Ct

byAlma Abell

Having a smooth and strong Asphalt Driveway in Norwich CT not only makes your home more beautiful but also forms a great playing place for kids as. Yet getting such kind of a smooth driveway is not always easy. Many use a lot of money only for cracks to appear a few months later. To help you get a high quality Asphalt Driveway in Norwich CT, try following these tips.



For your driveway to be both attractive and functional, you need a design that is of high quality. The ground upon which the driveway is laid should not only be smooth and firm but also contoured so that it matches the layout you desire to have for the finished surface. To achieve this, you need to have a well-prepared sub-grade with a layer of granular stone of around seven inches placed on its top. It is only after this that a hot mix of asphalt of approximately two inches should be laid on top of the stone. To make the driveway even more durable, add a surface course measuring one inch. To finish off, create a quarter-inch slop extending from the crown to the edge so that water does not rest on the edges of the pavement.

High Quality Materials

The material you use for paving the surface of the driveway should be one that best achieves the expected functionality and beauty. Generally, contractors use Class 1 mix for base course and Class 2 mix for surface course. The Driveway mix is sometimes used to get a finer look.

High Quality Construction

Choose a reputable asphalt paving company with well-trained and experienced staff as well as quality equipment. To find such a contractor get recommendations from friends and relatives and check on the internet for reviews on the workmanship of different contractors. To get a contractor that will charge you fairly, have different contractors quote for you their prices and then choose from the them the cheapest.

If you get all of these three right, there is no doubt that you will get an Asphalt Driveway in Norwich CT that will not only be durable and smooth but also attractive. While this might cost you more, in the long-term it saves money since you will not have to spend a lot on maintenances.