Should You Take Revenge On Your Ex

Should You Take Revenge On Your Ex


CD Mohatta

Many-a-times relationships end on a very bad note, leaving us devastated and torn apart. Not everyone in this world is a nice person. Your ex hasn’t left a stone unturned when it came to hurting you and crushing your heart into tiny little pieces. You just cannot stop thinking about how foolish you were to love such a horrible person so much. Now all the anger and the pain is asking just one favor from you, revenge. So should you give in to your heart by getting even with your ex? Bad idea!


If you are planning to get revenge on your ex just remember one thing, revenge means just never getting over your ex. The day you start plotting to get even with your ex, it just proves how incapable you are to accept defeat. You will never be able to forget them or the pain they caused to you. Each time you bring yourself to think of all the things that you could do to hurt your ex, you will just end up bringing back all your painful memories that you should be trying to forget. Once you make up your mind that vengeance is the only way to get peace to your soul, that very moment you are inviting a life of distress and pain. Taking revenge on them will hurt you in the long run, way more than it can possibly hurt them. Revenge is for the weak. Getting revenge on them will only prove that you are a loser, and that they did a wise thing by breaking up with you. It is said that the best kind of revenge you can get on someone is by forgiving them. Your ex will never be able to accept it. When your ex breaks up with you, they will expect you to be broken and shattered. They will also expect you to come crying or fighting with them. If you surprise them and act really cool, it will surely prick them really hard. Nothing can hurt them more than you acting as if it never affected you at all. Heartbreaks are undoubtedly painful. However as hard as it may be seem, if you manage to hide your feeling and act cool in front of them, you will be thankful that you did in the long run. Best of luck, dear. Don’t forget, you are stronger than you think you are!

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Should You Take Revenge On Your Ex