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December 24, 2009, Chenghai District, Shantou City, Guangdong Province, Department of Culture has been named as “Guangdong animation (Toy) creative industry clusters”, which means that in Guangdong Province and even the country’s largest toy animation and creative industries cluster-building into the new period.

First half of 2009, Chenghai toys exported 152 million U.S. dollars, up 15.53 percent, and has occupied the mainstream of the domestic market, in a direct impact on the financial crisis, China’s toy export industry contrarian up. Chenghai toys & gifts industry, relying on independent innovation and brand building, optimization services, maintaining a sound momentum. Chenghai Toy strong development has given rise to concern that the development model for China’s toy industry and other manufacturing enterprises that can be used as reference experience.

Guangdong Provincial Department of Culture, Deputy Inspector Wang industry group representation, Chenghai toy industry from a pure manufacturing industry to develop to the combination of high-end animation and animation toy for the creative industries in transition, the process is taking a completely autonomous market-oriented path.

“Chenghai animation (Toy) creative industries cluster is a veritable industry cluster, its path of development has given us a new inspiration. ‘Chenghai mode’ tells us that the development of China’s cartoon industry to explore a variety of ways, but it is one of the Chenghai can as reference model. Chenghai experience reaffirms Note: the market, only the market is the basis for business to settle down; market, only the market is our area of contaminated! “Wang said, the industry group.

Market Spawned The Toy Industry In Transition

Of the last century 80’s, Chenghai state-owned craft, toy factory after the adoption of restructuring to stimulate the energy, the private sector to develop, and there are more than 100 such enterprises. After the restructuring of these enterprises have done their best to find customers, markets, government land, capital and other policies to guide support. After 90 years, companies began to product upgrades and the IT industry, combined to give new vitality products, from imitation to independent innovation, a number of patents reached 3,000.


But if you want the toy industry to develop new and better development of the road, you need an organic integration of cultural and creative industries. In July 2006, toys and entrepreneurs are beginning to realize this problem. Coincides with the establishment of CCTV Animation, Chenghai District 3 million yuan to support government-funded toy companies in cooperation with CCTV, so that Chenghai a CCTV image of toy products designated animation production base, with CCTV there are 11 signed cooperation. So self-timer animation companies to CCTV broadcast, CCTV, after the hit animated derivatives businesses do to become a model, greatly extended the industrial chain of animation toys. Many enterprises have tasted the sweetness of the industrial culture, traditional toy companies, especially the backbone enterprises have with the animation companies, or self-development, or to obtain the image of the manner authorized by the popular animation into a wide variety of toy products, rapidly emerging transformation of cultural and creative industries, expanding the markets, especially the domestic market.

Wang Yeh-group, said the animation Chenghai toy industry is taking the market-oriented model, reflecting the market is the last word, manifested in three aspects: the formation of the enterprise market, combined effect of many factors, the market is naturally formed, bringing together more than 3,000 toys More than 100,000 business practitioners, it is a natural formation, not man-made, not through government industrial planning, etc.; the market in resource allocation role in Chenghai toy industry has now formed a processing, design, parts, equipment, packaging, logistics, R & D so the whole chain, which is the market in resource allocation role of the results; Chenghai toy industry, after the formation of scale, making strategic adjustments, playing regional brands to play the role of the brand throughout the region, with leading enterprise driven small and medium – and ultimately promoting the development of the industry throughout the region.

According to statistics, at present, Chenghai District, already have a toy gifts manufacturers, trading companies and relevant supporting more than 3,000 companies, employing over 100,000 people. From 2003 to 2008, Chenghai toys & gifts industry average every year 14% growth rate, the economy expanded at 70% of the exports of more than 100 countries and regions. 2008 output of over 16.2 billion, exports of 317 million U.S. dollars, respectively, compared with 2007 increased by 11.7% and 38%, the country’s total export volume Jinliang Cheng, accounting for 10% of GDP toys. Toys & gifts industry to become a pillar industry in Chenghai, Guangdong Province, Shantou City has major support from the local characteristics of industry, ranking first in the country districts and counties in the same industry.

“Chenghai model” To Explore a New Path

Wang Yeh-group that is based on its advantages Chenghai gradually the high-end development. Chenghai toys after 30 years of development, there is sufficient market base, now with animation elements, found a new way out. This is also the animation of the new road, reflecting the central spirit of the conference on industrial development, namely, the industrial policy to increase the relevance and flexibility, to increase the quality and efficiency of the industry. Chenghai animation toy industry’s development process that reflects the market development of the law: toward originality, cultural industries develop in the direction of radiation increased the rate of the industry. Such as animation on the fly Austria realized that: industrial culture of cultural industrialization. Chenghai Toy animation industry development also reflects the development of the road is not only an animation should give full play to the strengths of Guangdong, pragmatic, and understand the market, understand marketing.

Chenghai Toy Manufacturers Association, said before Zhuo Guo, Chenghai toys itself more than 30 years development experience, has formed a relatively complete industrial chain, coupled with the Government to build platform for enterprise support, Chenghai formed independent innovation characteristics. Chenghai Toy industry development embodies the principles of the law of market development: Chenghai toys made based on further to do high-end products, rather than the government man-made industrial planning. Chenghai toys are now produced by the high medium and low are the assortment, pattern is flexible.

After years of development, the emergence of Chenghai District, Austria fly, Hua Wei, Qun-xing, Little White Dragon, all buildings, etc. annual output value of more than 20 leading enterprises of more than 50 million yuan. In 2008, only Austria-fly to achieve output of 670 million yuan animation, animation and related toy products exported 10.46 million U.S. dollars, up 58.9%, the company stock was August 31, 2009 web issue, becoming the first A-share market in order to Anime toys industry in listed companies. At present, Chenghai District, the cultural industry has been involved in animation (including animation derivatives) larger companies are: Austria fly, Hua-wei, Little White Dragon, art Feng, Jia-qi, etc. more than 10 toy companies have been shot or shot animation more than 10 works, has a number of animation image copyright, in 2009 industrial output value of animation industry can achieve 2 billion yuan, more than double than in 2008.

The Future Development of Independent Intellectual Property Rights Protection is the Key

“Provincial animation (Toy) creative industries cluster name will further accelerate the development of Chenghai animation toy industry to fully tap the regional economic advantages, to encourage and guide toy companies and animation combine cultural and creative industries, and vigorously support the toy enterprise independent innovation, brand enhance the cultural industries Chenghai levels, expand animation toys Chenghai the visibility of the creative industries and accelerate the ancillary hardware machinery, plastic products, printing and packaging industries, cultivate new regional industries, expansion of perfect industrial chain, while changes in the development of Chenghai ways to promote sustainable economic development, has far-reaching significance. “Shantou Chenghai District Party Secretary Andrew Han said.

Wang Chenghai animation industry base pairs of the future development of the toy industry to put forward three proposals: to play the regional brand, integrate resources and can not seek the overall situation is unable to seek the region, actively carry out “Chenghai toys” campaign, a collective mark, in an effort to build regional international brands; focus on brand, build brand image to enhance awareness, drive industry, the radiation rate; focus on intellectual property protection, innovation and motivation in order to have a positive development.

Wang Yeh-group stressed that the focus on protection of intellectual property should be the key to future development. Enterprises to implement brand strategy and standardized development, quality assurance, promotion of enterprise products 3C certification, standardized quality system, but also to speed up efforts to firmly crack down on piracy and protect corporate innovation initiative.

In fact, nearly 30 now Chenghai toy companies to obtain ISO quality certification system, and 82 access to China’s toy safety and quality certification; 643 toy manufacturers have all been to apply the terminal 3C certification, there are more than 110 to obtain the product quality export license. Toys & gifts industry, the region has been registered product trademark of 2440, with Chinese brands 2, 3 brand-name products in Guangdong, China’s two well-known trademark, the Guangdong Famous Brand 10 “Chenghai toys” collective trademark applications for registration by the State SAIC accepted.

When talking about the future development of Chenghai animation toy industry, Mr Andrew Han expressed a preference for options market behavior: Relying on independent innovation of enterprises, develop one’s own own control. Street, town and district in financial investment, tax concessions, land supply and credit support to provide the necessary services, the business sector, the Public Security Bureau and other proprietary technology to enterprises for their own protection, leading enterprises through acquisitions, brand licensing and other technology driven small and medium enterprise development, thus boosting the overall market. It also fully reflects the core of Chenghai model: Let the market-led development of the whole industry.

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