See The Cosmetic Dentists In Cincinnati For Teeth Whitening

January, 2014 byAlma Abell

Over the years, your teeth will naturally begin to yellow and become dull. This occurs even if you brush your teeth each day and see your dentist on a regular basis. Teeth staining can occur more rapidly if you have certain health conditions, take medications, drink wine or are a smoker. To overcome teeth staining, it is important to know your options. Though you could purchase an at-home whitening kit and see some results, they will most likely be lackluster and can even damage your teeth. It is best to seek the cosmetic dentists in Cincinnati so you can truly overcome your staining issues and have the bright white teeth you always dreamed of having.


What are the Best Methods of Teeth Whitening Treatments Available?

Traditional dental whitening — These whitening treatments use a special Hydrogen Peroxide based whitening solution. This solution is able to penetrate the deepest layers of your teeth and remove years worth of stains. For severe staining, you may need a few treatments before you are able to reach your desired level of whitening. This solution is safe and is one of the most popular methods of whitening the teeth.

Bleaching — Bleaching is a method used by the dentist to remove deep stains. This method of whitening can help to remove staining that traditional whitening solutions cannot. Through the use of a laser light, the whitening solution is able to bleach the teeth to a dramatic white. This will give you the Hollywood white you see with the celebrities of today.

Bonding — In certain cases of severe staining and even minor tooth damage, traditional whitening and bleaching treatments are not effective. In these cases, bonding is often a good choice. The dentist will use a special white dental compound to cover the surface of the tooth so the stains and damage will be hidden. For many, this provides a beautiful effect that looks natural.

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