Reseller Hosting: How To Make Money Online

Submitted by: Margaret Ryan

Reseller web hosting is a great way for entrepreneurs to make money online. Many benefits make this business suitable for first-time investors in the industry. Some of these benefits include low start-up capital, and the limited technical skills that are required.

Entrepreneurs that wish to build a career in web hosting, but lack the huge capital base, as well as the technical capability to put up the required infrastructure could start by reselling for established companies. This will enable them to build a clientele, get the necessary technical exposure, and raise the required capital to setup their own reputable company.

Reseller hosting is an online business activity wherein an individual can sign up with a web host for a package that allows them to sell on hard drive space and bandwidth to other parties. As the demand for web space shows no sign of abating, and in fact is growing on a continual basis, it is suggested that there is great potential for individuals to make healthy profits through reseller web hosting.


If you are relatively new to the world of web hosting, this should not be an obstacle to becoming a successful reseller. As long as you understand the basic concept, and are aware of how to offer and market plans to consumers, there exists the real possibility of making an attractive income stream.

Below are some tips that will help you, if you want to make money through reseller hosting.

Reputation: The reputation of the company that you choose is very important. Since you will be reselling the services of this company, you must ensure you choose a stable and reliable company. Some of the characteristics that you should consider, when choosing a parent hosting company include the plans or packages on offer, the pricing, experience, infrastructure, customer support, guaranteed up-time, and many others.

Reseller Account: After selecting a company, and paying for your account, you will be given access to your control panel. From this control panel, you will be able to setup your own plans and packages, and select the features and pricing for each. From your control panel, you will be able to perform wide ranging administrative tasks such as account creation, suspension and removal, as well as IP address banning.

Billing: Make sure you setup an efficient billing system, which will allow you to bill your clients. As such, you will be able to send automatic notifications to your customers and receive payments, as soon as they are due. Fortunately, most reputable companies will offer a free billing system, with your account. This system is normally customizable, and thus allows you to setup payment schedules and customer notifications, according to your preferences.

Marketing: Just like any other business, you will need to market your business, in order to get customers. Advertising your business is the only way that you can get customers to know about your services, and thus make more money.

Therefore, you will have to put extra effort to ensure that you promote your business. Some of the techniques that you could use to promote your business include online marketing, classifieds, putting up a website, and link building, among others.

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