Music Therapy, The Art Of Healing Without Medicine Or Surgery.

Music Therapy, the Art of healing without medicine or surgery.



Over the past century there are were many scientific research done on music therapy and it proved to have positive changes on mentally disturbed patients and completely cure few neurology related diseases. The healing power of music comes from the emotion, rhythm, melody, harmony and pitch played on classical instruments like piano, harp and various string instruments. Music played at various tempo levels effects different sections of the brain which are responsible for all bodily functions. Music helps to rewire the effected parts of a brain which has had trauma in an accident to the head.

Music therapy has cured many stroke patients. Speech and movement in stroke patients seem to improve with classical music playing in the background in their wards. The brain is under constant stress and the music helps relax and soothe the brain cells. The intensity of various kinds of music alters a human brain accordingly. Even when the patient is sleeping the subconscious mind will absorb the music playing and the healing process continues. Doctors have tried reviving coma patients using this technique.


Trance music is a form of electronic music that taps into the subconscious mind while you are wide awake and the brain responds by going into an altered state of mind where the Theta waves (these waves are responsible for producing dreams while sleeping) stimulate the brain cells sending the person into a deep trance or a meditative mode which helps in spirituality and helping to relax the human mind in a conscious state. Trance music is known to alter the human brain permanently

Music therapy in ancient India was practiced 4,000 years ago. The ancient physicians of India used to chant certain Mantras (songs) with a mixture of decibels repeated for a certain period of time will put the patient in a state of trance and then the physicians could talk to the patient who is in a subconscious state to find and cure mental health problems. This is called hypnotism in modern medical science. Aristotle and Hippocrates are ancient Greek doctors who practiced hypnotism on their patients using this method 2,500 years ago.

Music therapy is used in Intensive Care Units across the world and it has proved that three in every ten patients recover more quickly due to the good feeling and connection felt from listening to music of your favorite genre. The familiar music helps relax the brain cells and brings back good memories and happiness when in turn helps in a fast recovery process. Music is also known to cure depression and chronic pain. Good classical and instrumental music helps in altering the brain waves to bring the heart rate and breathing to normal, which in turn soothes the nerve ends and lowers blood pressure. This helps the patient to forget depression and reduce pain.

Music also helps athletes while practicing. It has been proven that an athlete can run or walk longer while listening to music and can do more work out and exercise while listening to their favorite music. Stress management often associates itself with music therapy and meditation. Melodic Intonation Therapy is used to cure speech disorder in young children. Some form of melodic electro music works as a replacement for sedatives and helps a person to sleep better. Music without doubt is used to cure some diseases and mental illness. With a fast internet connection it is possible to download MP3 and MP4 music therapy files from the internet.

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