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Modern medical professionals are beginning to include massage therapy as a part of their total recovery or rehabilitation process due to the effectiveness and success of the alternative medical care in providing quick relief and increased healing rate.

Due to the combination of techniques, the therapy includes a variety of massage strokes and application of pressure during the therapy session. There are techniques that use gentle and relaxing strokes on the patient to create a soothing and calming sensation during the therapy session. There are also methods that apply fairly firm touch with adequate pressure that can sometimes cause slight painful experience on the part of the client. Regardless of the variations, all of the techniques share a single objective which is to provide relief and give hope to the patient by promoting a healthy condition.

So far, since its development, Budzek medical massage is considered as a safe method in providing relief for many type of conditions, disorders, and dysfunctions. There have been no major reports or research regarding the risks and dangers of the said therapy. However, practitioners of this type of therapy stress out to their patients that in case of discomfort and pain during therapy sessions, it would be best to let the therapist know to avoid creating problems in the future. It is ideal though to report any malicious effect of the therapy so that it can be brought into the attention of the therapist in order to avoid or prevent the same thing from happening.

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Budzek medical massage therapy may be a safe type of therapy, however, with improper manipulation from a poorly educated and trained therapist, the fate of the patients health lies in deep trouble. Possible fracture on the skeletal system, injured muscle tissues and fascia, entrapped nerves, and bruises can be expected in this situation. That is why it is important in Budzek medical massage or any type of therapeutic massage to employ the service of a certified massage therapist.

Other than the risks and dangers that may possibly be encountered in the therapy, benefits and great results to the progress of the patients health are very impressive and enticing. A client can expect positive changes such as the improvement on the circulatory, cardiovascular, respiratory, musculoskeletal, urinary, lymphatic, and nervous system. The quality of the joints, limbs, and tendons are also enhanced with the use of the therapy. Restrictions of movement and flexibility caused by fixation of joints that can result to painful conditions are also relieved permanently by the therapy. Fibromyalgia which has no permanent treatment as of now can be treated regularly with Budzek medical massage to keep the condition at bay in order to prevent pain from torturing the patient.

A standard procedure advised in all forms of bodywork is the consultation with a doctor or anyone who is highly knowledgeable with the certain type of therapy the client is interested with. This reduces the rate of experiencing the risks and dangers included in the therapeutic massage although the treatment is published or known as a safe type of bodywork.

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