Irresistible Carp Boilie Recipe Ingredients And Revealing Flavour Secrets Of Nutritional Baits!}

Submitted by: Tim F. Richardson

Make your baits work the best and catch the most fish! How many top flavours can you name and actually describe precisely why they work? The way that solvents and flavours alter water molecules as well as the powerful impact of flavour bioactive components mean you can instantly super-boost any bait. Combine the most stimulatory ingredients additives and flavours to make totally instant winning baits; read on now!

Im best known over the years for my recommendation of paste baits and no egg boilies. Also Ive been recommending no heat treated baits, using very potent bait treatment processes which make baits exceptionally enzyme active, seriously detectable and digestible, throughout the entire life of my baits! So to begin with lets begin with a few of the most easily obtainable substances upon which to base some instant-acting nutritionally-stimulating baits. These include luncheon meat, spam, corned beef, sausage paste, crab paste, fish paste, shrimp paste, salmon paste, liver pate, chicken pate, sweetcorn, hemp and Belachan block.

Old school baits still work today, I mean not just special paste baits in the style of the sixties or seventies but literally most readymade bait recipes are basically old school, still using most of the ingredients that were being used decades ago! Baits dont have to be complicated to work. Liquidised sweetcorn and luncheon meat with added salts, Marmite, peanut butter and cheap wheat flour will certainly catch fish. Its best to genuinely optimise such basic baits much further however in order to catch many more big fish that feed even more warily in the presence of baits today!


My point is really simple that you must ideally liquidise and break down your whole food ingredients and make them become far more water-soluble and detectable by fish for them to work best! Such baits physically and chemically perform better than heated baits which are just based on fine powders, because very dense heated boilies simply cannot interact with water molecules and the water column like pastes can! Some anglers actually operate out of fear and moan about their paste baits breaking down too soon! Such anglers cannot grasp the fact that baits must actually partially break down in order to be detected i.e. elements of your bait must interact with water molecules for them to even be detected!

This is the difference for us humans with our hugely dumbed-down senses of taste and smell, where for instance Belachan paste has a significant smell, but it is only when you taste it (i.e. in concentrated solution,) that you really are struck by it most active components! Thus Belachan works best in the presence of water and components such as the added salts, the palatable amino acids, nucleotides and nucleosides, the organic acids, naturally-occurring esters and so on all add up synergistically to make you want to eat it! The differences in amino acid profiles of different sources of Belachan is extraordinary; some work brilliantly but others are far less soluble and are just are not as effective. I find with Belachan block and powders, that choosing very fine powder and block products which most easily dissolve the fastest in cold water catch the most fish!

On the starter level you have a difference in impact and effect of substances, for instance whole shrimp paste is more detectable than a heated boilie containing lots of whole shrimp. Fermented shrimp paste, Belachan is far soluble, easily detected and feed-stimulatory than whole shrimp or prawn with a huge difference in what is being leaked off! The big lesson here is that if you want to make the very best bait, ensuring your bait is most easily detected and triggers feeding best, then absolutely make sure that you use soluble substances. Most especially where whole food groups, in particular proteins and others, where free amino acids and peptides, salts etc are freely released and enhancing, in literally the most water-molecule electrically-conductive ways, so fish detect them and are stimulated into the strongest feeding, instantly!

Krill meal is a well known big fish ingredient. But its effect pales into insignificance compared to hydrolysed krill protein liquid and powder. Hydrolysed krill protein beats whole krill big-time! I hope you get my point, that solubility is vital, but what actually is released from your baits is even more vital because you need to be releasing substances in levels which stimulate feeding the strongest!

Liquidising is one basic method of processing in homemade baits and has been for decades! In the early days of boilies many anglers would have been soaking and liquidizing trout pellets and liquidising eggs and protein ingredients as listed above and caught fish not using flavours at all except perhaps tomato or garlic pure, curry powder or cheese powder for instance. But then the next step is an entire world of deep aspects of enzyme treatments and hydrolysis, enzymes, acids, natural fermentation processes etc, which must be designed into your baits in very powerful ways. (All this and more is a massive part of my personal one to one bait tuitions and new written products.)

Ive been teaching bait courses on a one to one intensive 1 day personalized course basis, for nearly 6 years for beginners to expert levels and the catch results achieved by clients have far exceeded all my expectations! Therefore, this has led me to produce a written word and picture-emphasised product, which already has proven to empower anglers of every level, to make world class homemade baits that defeat the most well-known leading brand readymade baits. Revealed in my unique readymade bait and homemade bait carp and catfish bait secrets tuition and ebooks is far more powerful information. Why not visit my unique website (Baitbigfish) and see my biography for further information and details of my exceptionally powerful, totally unique bait tuition and accompanying bait making ebooks deals right now!

By Tim Richardson.

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