Going Down Low To A Lowrider Bike

Submitted by: Alastair Hamilton

A new bicycle that is on the market is the lowrider bike. This bike has gained great popularity because they are easy and comfortable to ride. Many people enjoy the lowrider bike because it gives them a chance to express their individuality and style, thus becoming an essential facet of the life that they lead. People may even add features to their bike, including hydraulic systems, sound systems, and hand painted touches to make it into their very own customized creation. For many people, making their bike reflect their style and riding it around to show others is a source of passion and excitement.

People who love lowrider bikes can point back to the one that was rode by Eddie Munster during the 1960 s television hit, The Munsters , as where their love began. Ever since this bike was first ridden during this fun TV show, people have been in love with the Schwinn Stingray that was customized by George Barris. When mountain bikes and BMX bikes were first introduced during the 1980 s, lowrider bikes took a downward turn in popularity.


Do you want a lowrider for yourself? If so, you will find that there are several different ways that you can have one. You can choose to build one yourself or you can pay someone to build you a custom lowrider bike for you. One place that is full of information is on the internet. You can also locate lowrider bike clubs on the internet that will give you all kinds of information on the fun events that they have, as well as the many lowrider bikes that the club members have created. This is a great place to get some ideas. A website sponsored by a manufacturer of lowrider bikes is also another great source of information for you. They will have a list of all of their parts and accessories that they have available, as well as different components to allow you to create your own lowrider bike. The more information that you read and learn from, the easier it will be to create a lowrider bike that you will enjoy riding for many years to come!

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