Global Verge And Others

By Ryan Paulin

Global Verge was a promising company that was going to offer users an alternative to paying high prices for their phone and internet service. However, they seemed to have floundered before they were even able to launch. One of the biggest mistakes that they made is not sticking to their deadlines, in fact, they were supposed to launch on July 1st and ended up having to refund all of the money that they took in back to their customers. While Global Verge might be on the verge of collapse, there are plenty of other great companies that are willing and able to be sustainable. One of the largest and promising is Financial Direct Incorporation, better known as FDI.

One of the biggest mistakes that Global Verge made was having a wide range of shady relationships with other multi level marketing companies. While partnerships in business are not usually a problem, having a relationship with so many different companies and not giving your users the full information can lead to doubts and business failure. FDI is a company all within itself. The only other company that it has partnered with is with a leading telecommunications company in the United States to help provide services.


When a distributor goes into a relationship with a company, they are expecting that they will be able to distribute products. However, when Global Verge began to suffer from problems, distributors were left up in the air and left to recover after spending their time and money on a company that will never get off the ground. FDI is offering distributors a no risk system. Not only are you only given products when you need them, but the phones and other systems sell themselves due to their low price and easy to use feel. You will never be left holding the ball with thousands of leftover products, you just have the products that you want and need.

Distributors who are working with FDI also are getting more commissions in more ways. Unlike Global Verge that was just selling phone service, FDI is focusing on the entire telecommunications suite. Whether you want to sell home phone, office phone, mobile phone or internet, you should be able to find plenty of customers who are looking to lower the cost of their service. Some of the benefits of the services including the mobile phones that are coming with the service from Financial Direct Incorporation are amazing. For example, mobile phones are able to do video calling, something that has never been seen before with a mobile phone.

Another revolutionary part of the phones that Financial Direct Incorporation are selling is the fact that they can call while you are in an airplane. No airlines in the United States currently support this, but within a few years you may see one or two airlines begin to support it, and you can take advantage of it for free! That’s right, Financial Direct Incorporation is not going to charge its customers for calls made from aircraft.

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