Fz1200 R16 Kf4 A Highly Reliable Igbt From Infineon}

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FZ1200R16KF4 is a 1600V IHM 130mm single switch IGBT (Insulated Gate Bipolar Transistor) Module with IGBT2 which is made by Infineon, formally known as Eupec who is one of the leading manufacturers and suppliers of semiconductors and system solutions. It is a 3-phase full-bridge power module including fast free-wheel diodes package with insulated metal base plate. It is the best solution for your traction and industry applications. In terms of energy, there are three central requirements of our modern society. They are: efficiency, mobility and security. Infineon provides semiconductor and system solutions, focusing on these three central needs.

Modern train traction systems use high-speed switching IGBTs in main circuits. High-speed switching reduces electromagnetic noise generated by the main motor and improves the efficiency of energy conversion. For the inverter control system, vector control is employed to control the torque current component and the exciting current component separately, which are output to the induction motor.

In modern, intense and heavy traction applications like: locomotives, long-distance trains, metros and trams, which move on a world-wide variety of railroad networks, FZ1200R16KF4 is employed. You can find them in metro drive systems, in innovative, high speed trains and in auxiliary inverters. There is hardly any other application that puts such high demands on the components as traction. High quality, reliability and lifetime are the most important product features in this market segment. FZ1200R16KF4 has advantages like ongoing development for higher voltage and current ratings and these benefits makes them really obligate in traction appliances. There is barely any other application that puts such high pressure on the components as traction. One important requirement is the ability to withstand power cycles. Power cycles cause temperature changes which lead to a mechanical stress that can turn into a failure. High quality, reliability and lifetime are the most important product features in this market segment. FZ1200R16KF4 is a very capable device which can fulfill all these requirements.

Due to its advantages in terms of fast switching, ruggedness, simplicity of gate drive and ease of use, the use of Infineon modules is widespread. While the IGBT can limit and commutate current due to normal fault events, the traction environment may present situations where extensive energy is conducted through the module. Compared to alternative solutions, these can reduce 40 to 50% in inverter cost, weight, and volume. However, the fast switching operation requires special attention to reduce the circuit inductance to avoid overvoltage at switching. Another issue worth consideration is the ability of the module to manage faults without allowing extensive rupture or explosion.

By providing the latest technology, Infineons solutions allow their customers to enjoy the benefits of standardized housings combined with maximum reliability. They offer wide portfolio of innovative components tailored to needs of various traction and auxiliary inverters.

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