Finding The Right Glass Top Humidor

byAlma Abell

Every day, there are many people who finally take the first step towards investing in cigars. Perhaps they want to celebrate a big achievement, such as a graduation or a new job, or maybe they even wait until retirement. Imaginably they appreciate smoking cigars at a friend’s house or on vacation, and would like to create that enjoyable experience in their own home.

Once the decision is made to invest in a selection or buy a box of quality cigars, careful thought should be put into where to keep them. If you are new to the cigar world, and want to start a collection, the first thing you should consider is a quality glass top humidor.

Keeping cigars in a humidor is vital if you plan to enjoy them over an extended period. Of course, for those who are planning to purchase a humidor for the first time, you may not know what to look for. One of the first things to determine is whether you prefer a glass top humidor or a solid wood top.

There are many advantages to glass top humidors, but the choice focuses on style. Glass top humidors offer you the ability to display your cigar collection to anyone in the room, without opening it. Of course, glass top humidors also provide the owner with the essential functions of maintaining the proper temperature and a cedar lining provides a high quality aroma you will adore. Additionally, a proper seal is necessary.

The second item for your consideration is to decide how many cigars you plan to keep on hand at any one time. A good rule of thumb is to actually double that number. The reason for that is that your desires may change over time, and if you would like to store more cigars, you will need to purchase a second humidor, or one that is larger as a replacement. Think about it: you can always add cigars to your humidor as long as there is extra room, but once you fill it, you are out of luck.

After determining how many cigars you plan to store, you should consider where you plan to keep your humidor. Most glass top humidors are designed for display on a shelf or desktop. You will want a style that compliments the room in which you plan to place your glass top humidor. Once these criteria are met, you can find the perfect glass top humidor to begin your collection.