Drive Your Ex Boyfriend Crazy For Your Love Make Him Regret Breaking Your Heart}

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When you have just had your boyfriend tell you he wants a time out from the relationship, your heart is broken. You love the guy and thought he loved you. Now you wonder what has happened to make him act this way? The answer to that is probably that you have made yourself too available. When a man thinks he has you in his grasp you are no longer as desirable as you were when he had to chase you. To drive your ex boyfriend crazy for your love, you have to become unavailable again. This will make him regret breaking your heart.

As long as your emotions are running at top speed, you cannot afford to have any contact with your ex. You cannot get him back by chasing him and telling him you cannot live without him. To get your ex back, you have to make him chase you and feel he cannot live without you. Right now that might seem impossible to you, but it is not. Your ex boyfriend is pretty confident that you still are very much in love with him. You have to make him have doubts. The more you confuse him by doing the opposite of what he expects you to do, the faster he will want you back.

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The first step to getting your ex back is to get your emotions under control. Then take a step back and remember what attracted your ex to you in the first place. You were fun loving, carefree and unavailable. If you become that woman again, you will drive your ex boyfriend crazy for your love. Begin your quest to get him back, by ignoring him and make him feel that you have accepted the breakup and you are moving on. Go out with friends and have a good time. This will surprise him because he thought you would be at home, crying and waiting for him to call.

After a few weeks of not hearing from you, he will begin to wonder if he misjudged you and your ex boyfriend will not be so confident about how much you love him. He has also found out that life without you is not what he thought it would be. Having these thoughts will make him think that breaking up with you was not such a great idea. It is then that he will realize how much he misses you and regrets breaking your heart. This will prompt him to send an email and ask you how you are doing. The email will be just to test the water and see how fast you will answer it. If you answer, he will know that you still want him back and he can take his time, so do not answer it.

By not getting an answer to his email, your ex boyfriend will be forced to call. Take his call and be courteous, but a little cool. He will suggest that you get together for a talk. Stay cool and ask him what he wants to talk about. This will show him that you are now as unavailable as you were when he first met you and he will have to show you he regrets breaking your heart.

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