Cosmetic Surgery Options: Necklift Procedures

Submitted by: Lisa Ortega

As we age and the elements take a toll on our bodies in various different ways, cosmetic surgery may become more of an option when we consider ways that our appearance has changed. Feeling conscious of our appearance is a natural part of our culture and society. For many, the ability to feel comfortable and at peace with their appearance is a priceless feeling. Some find that weight gain and loss over time has affected the appearance of their neck, as far as loose skin, wrinkles, or other blemishes.

One option for such is a Necklift which involves a number of different techniques to tighten skin around the neck area. Most of the procedures are meant to leave minimal scarring, such as is possible with incisions made behind the ears. Laser technology is also a large part of this and allows for precision during procedures and less blood loss and recovery times. This is an advantage for those who desire to get back to their everyday lives quickly after the procedure. There is a substantial healing time however that must be considered and usually a compressive dressing may be worn to keep pressure on the skin, facilitate the healing process and to enhance the effects. Most patients are satisfied with the Necklift procedure and find that the results are generally very pleasing. Most that are looking to have the procedure performed are looking to get rid of excess skin, loose skin, and wrinkles or flaps of skin that hang. This can all be a result of everyday aging as well as attributed to weight gain and weight loss over time.


There are a number of ways to perform this procedure. The best way to get a handle on what option will work best is to do personal research on each procedure type, as well as the technology involved, such as the medical equipment used. The best way to increase satisfaction is to maintain realistic expectations and to research the procedure prior to having it done. Furthermore, seeking out various cosmetic surgeons and deciding which one to treat you is a great start. Asking plenty of questions is a very important part of the process and everyone should feel comfortable enough with their surgeon to ask about their level of experience, their formal education in the field, and how many of the procedures have been performed over time. This information is great to have so that patients can make an informed decision regarding who to have their surgery performed by.

Having a Necklift is a choice that should involve some thought as to what the underlying motive is, what the purpose of the surgery is, and why it is necessary for the patient to feel comfortable in their own skin. All of these questions can help to make decisions and to underline in one s mind how the procedure is important and how it will alter one s wellbeing. Surgical procedures of all kinds have unique benefits and risks so weighing these for every procedure is a great way to get an idea of what to choose.

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