Choosing Between Tiles And Linoleum

byAlma Abell

When redecorating a kitchen or bathroom, the options for flooring are a bit more limited than those in some other areas of the home. Two potential choices are tile and linoleum. Understanding the pros and cons of each of these options will make the choice a little bit easier.

  • Cost

Linoleum is typically cheaper to purchase than tiles. This is especially true in the case of natural stone tiles, but is also usually the case with ceramic or porcelain tile. Because it is typically faster to install unless old flooring needs to be removed first, it can also be less expensive to install linoleum. Many of the newer types of linoleum can easily be installed by a somewhat skilled do-it-yourselfer. Tiles may be better off being installed by a professional, as they are more skilled and will be able to complete the job more quickly than a homeowner would. Professionals also have the right equipment to cut any tiles to size if this should become necessary.

  • Appearance

A tile floor will have a much more higher-end appearance than one made of linoleum or vinyl flooring. However, there are many options available for either tile or linoleum to make it easy to match the decor of the home.

  • Use Considerations

Linoleum tends to offer a more padded surface, which can be better if you spend a lot of time on your feet. Tile is a much harder surface and can feel cold when the temperatures in the home drop during the winter.

  • Maintenance

Both linoleum and tile flooring are relatively easy to maintain. The grout between the tiles needs to be sealed to prevent stains, and many types of natural stone tile need to be regularly resealed. Over time, a linoleum floor will gradually become a bit stained and discolored even with regular sweeping and mopping. A tile floor is less likely to have this problem, but a heavy object falling on the floor may crack a tile, so it’s a good idea to have some spare tiles on hand just in case something happens and a tile needs to be replaced. Visit for more information. You can also like them on Facebook for more information.