Characteristics Of High End Women’s Underwear Sales Trend Analysis

By Himfr Tian

1, from mature markets to see the development of women’s underwear, according to survey (January 31, 2005) show that the European market, the British women’s underwear to the cost in most, 103.5 euros per person per year (about 134.5 U.S. dollars).

French women’s underwear expenditure spent each year to 102.30 euros per capita, the German women’s expenditure of 80.20.

British women in underwear expenditure slightly higher than French women, because they buy a lot of pajamas and wearing clothing in the room, while the latter prefer the bra and panties.

Italy and Spain, women’s underwear average annual cost of 77.5 euros and 71.3 euros. European men in underwear on a per capita annual consumption of 19 euros.

Male underwear is not only in the unit, that is far in both sales and women’s underwear, men and women using the mechanism fundamentally different. Male underwear basically no consumer trend to speak of, but there are obvious lingerie consumption trends. As a mature market, the European lingerie market can provide some experience for the Chinese market.

Since the late nineties, the Chinese underwear sales gradually reached the front from behind the scenes, never a kind women’s clothing apparel such as women, as reflected in the ultimate liberation of the human spirit realm. Can be said that high-end lingerie, especially the development of women’s underwear has become a benchmark level of development of social civilization, it tests a level of social tolerance and rationality.


With the consumer consciousness, and is the market value appreciation, when people walked on the clothes of the consumer awareness of leisure time, it means clothes have come to the operating room for the development of content-type channels, competition, many enterprises find themselves in competition, the Red Sea being, how many garment enterprises to improve profits headache.

Underwear consumption stage gradually become an important sales market landscape, many companies can not be said to result of the role, there is not only to international companies, domestic companies are here to play an important role in market education and guidance.

Second, changes in women’s underwear under the above consumer features research reports run from the age of 15 years old -24 years the largest in Europe to buy underwear for women, followed by the 25-34 year old women? 55 -64 year-old woman’s underwear to buy again on the rise.

Main consumer group of young underwear, and underwear of consumer psychology is compatible.

Underwear as a category, its function and generally quite different underwear. Waichuan underwear and clothing line has been blurred, or even become fashionable in some underwear Waichuan behavior, leading to industry development and changes of the intrinsic strength comes from consumers. Consumer awareness of underwear has changed from simple warmth or modesty tool changes to the health, comfort, beauty needs, more consumer spending layered appearance to the spiritual from the material itself, the transfer of more reflect the requirements underwear social function, such as population pressure, such as awareness of trends, such as groups of symbols and so on. The future, China would surely top their lingerie brand, has its own fashion trend, more a reflection of awareness of local trends, ladies, this is the manifestation of a noble life elements. See this, Chinese enterprises should be a placeholder awareness.

With economic development, women’s underwear will be more inclined to spiritual needs, in addition to health and comfort, also called embodied the spirit of women, with a certain brand connotation. Changes in consumer demand, sales channels on a higher demand. Channels should strengthen the brand, the conceptual model can adapt faster to the Distribution. Underwear sales in two? Selling intermediate links and consumers? Both are equally important. Not enough women’s mental outlook of the product can not be accomplished brand, and brand support but need to have sufficient strength to support the channel.

Underwear profits are high compared with other clothes, so to attract a lot of manufacturers put into them. This led to women’s underwear market in China for a long time, the focus of competition focused on low-cost products. Low-cost consumer products, the value is mainly price, low price does not reflect the spirit of consumer spending, it can not establish the brand.

Underwear brand is the process of understanding and release of human nature is not just an issue of fashion. Fashion a more preferred form of address level, and women’s underwear to solve the more flamboyantly the power of human nature, and only the spirit of liberation, designed to liberate, to breakthrough technology. Therefore, the establishment of women’s brand of casual wear than harder. From this point, although the experience of the baptism of time and the market, underwear market to enter the development stage but also through very orderly process.

Third, the channel model is the lingerie company’s key building highly profitable price of domestic brands is far from the high price of foreign brands, because the nature of domestic enterprises were transformed from the understanding to the design level of attainment are still missing. Design and domestic awareness of underwear has not yet reached the point of leading the spiritual world, therefore, the general standard of local underwear did not build up, so you can see a very interesting phenomenon, as long as the domestic can not.

Shanghai, not a well-known brand, marked only the concept of design and manufacture in Taiwan, a year to more than 30 million sales, net profit could even reach 30%. Of course, they use the sales model is more advanced, their products training center Commissioner in several cities around running training, the advanced management concepts and technology dissemination to partners, the core of their business is jointly and cooperation.

High-end fashion products, profit model, the early consolidation in the industry, certain products as the carrier is to channel model engines. Who can get more time than the rival operating resources, anyone can quickly win. “The concept of integrated product + unique agent” model, the impact of industry to the peak of all enterprises have to face the issue.

The lingerie market is a nets, to do no matter how good, is also a point-like market. Point-like market agents provided adequate operating conditions. In a large number of channels filled with the product, are processing various analogies foreign goods. Since 2005, I contacted all of the clothing of agents, several have started their own lingerie the OEM. China’s underwear brands from top to bottom are surging at any time bred considerable opportunities that the achievements of those who are entrenched in the good agents around the resource.

5, from the underwear market trends, Chinese enterprises won the road underwear market information is not very good, therefore, difficult to find good distributors, dealers or have decided a good brand in the market and industry position, excellent dealer has the enterprise’s scarce resources.

Selling products in general, but the brand is not very strong situation, China’s underwear manufacturers and dealers must fully grasp the opportunity, we must first fully understand the power and status of their industry, and its own regional market appeal, attention to the integration of different existing resources on the regional market, to understand the needs of channel members and the real business of the state. Go in understanding the basis for channel design joint or integrated program, businesses are now missing is the business model.

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