3 Reasons Why Customer Relationship Is Important In Small Businesses

By Simon Johnnson

Being a small online business owner it is evident that your objective is to promote sales and increase your income. So it becomes very important to maintain cordial relationship with your customers. Do not think that a successful sale is the end of your relationship with that customer. Build on the rapport you have established to keep the client in the pipeline for when you wish to expand your business.

Why you Need to Build Rapport:

Like most online businesses it is most likely that you might have other products or services to offer your customer and will find a pool of ready customers handy. You may even want to promote an up-graded version of the product you have already sold them. This technique of up-selling will benefit both your customers and your business. You may even want to introduce newer items or related products and employ cross-selling methods to enlarge your existing business.


There is no definitive or fixed time for one sales cycle to be completed and it may vary depending on the type of business you have. Even though you may have established a good relationship with your customers with your previous sales, remember to keep building on that relationship to convert ex-customers to potential customers for the future.

Relationship Building through Communication:

Although customers have a wide range of options they prefer to stick to companies with whom they have had a positive experience and built a good rapport. Relationship building is an integral part of developing your business and you may go about achieving it in a number of ways. All successful sales closures can be treated as new opportunities for future business. Communication plays an important role in relationship building and you must pay special attention in training yourself and your staff in how to communicate with customers either by email or over the telephone or even in face-to-face situations. If you have to correspond through email try and keep your messages short, pleasant and free from sales talk. Communicating over the telephone should also be devoid of sales pitch and more about being there as a support system for your clients should they require your assistance at any point.

How you communicate with your customers is as important as what you say. The manner of talking, and the tone you adopt can determine whether the customer would like to talk to you for longer or want to hang-up on you almost immediately. Being a good listener is of vital importance and asking the right questions at the right time can go a long way in building good relationships with your customers.

Concessions to Enhance Customer Relationship:

Offering rewards and discounts can also be a good strategy in building good customer relationship. The acid test lies in the number of times your customers reach out to you for help when they need assistance. Giving incentives and discounts for products or services can also help to motivate customers to call you when they again require a product or service. Fulfilling customer expectations and building a good rapport with the customers can help you establish a long-term professional relationship with your clients.

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