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News briefs:May 26, 2010

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Disney Descendants Coloring Pages}

Click Here To Know More About: Best Teacher Education Resources Art And Craft For Children Disney Descendants Coloring Pages by katejennifer Have you ever seen Descendants? This movie is a major hit in recent years. Descendants is a American musical fantasy television film in 2015. Kenny Ortega is a director of this film. Sofia Carson, […]

News briefs:June 9, 2010

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Toyota quits Formula One

Thursday, November 5, 2009 Akio Toyoda, the President and Representative Director of Toyota, made a statement on Wednesday that the company is leaving the Formula One championship before the 2010 season. The primary factor behind this decision was said to be the current economic environment in the midterm perspective. Panasonic Toyota Racing did not manage […]

Use The Android Tracker App To Make Sure Daughter Isn’t On A Fad Diet

To be assured that their daughter isn’t one of those women try out a fad diet, parents can use the Android Tracker app to monitor them. Inspired by movie stars and celebrities, many women adopt fashionable food elimination diet and thus risk their health in the process. These self-imposed diets could let to complications such […]

Bikers begin descent on South Carolina resort for rallies

Saturday, May 14, 2005 Myrtle Beach, South Carolina —This weekend is the kick-off for two motorcycle rallies held annually in the U.S. eastern seacoast town of Myrtle Beach. Enthusiasts this year are expected to meet or exceed the 170,000 bikers that arrived last year in droves to the small resort town of 23,000. Festivities span […]

USPTO partially confirms validity of Amazon “1-click patent”

Tuesday, October 9, 2007 Today, the United States Patent and Trademark Office (USPTO) issued an office action, which confirmed the patentability of claims 6 to 10 of the Amazon 1-Click patent, US 5,960,411. The patent examiner, however, rejected claims 1 to 5 and 11 to 15. Amazon now has up to six months to amend […]

Is Your New Vehicle A Lemon, Contact A Lawyer For Help With The Law

Click Here To Know More About: Steel Fabrication Company Brisbane Brisbane Steel Fabrications byAlma Abell Nothing is quite as bad as finally taking possession of a new car, only to find out later that it is a lemon. The months of saving and planning have now become a major problem, costing you time and money. […]

Global markets plunge

Friday, October 10, 2008 Stock markets across the world have fallen sharply with several seeing the biggest drop in their history. Asian markets saw the biggest sell-off. The Nikkei dropped 9.62% to reach a 20 year low. Japan also saw a collapse of a mid-size insurance company, Yamato Life Insurance Company, which declared bankruptcy. The […]

Metropolitan Police to sell New Scotland Yard

Wednesday, October 31, 2012 The Metropolitan Police — the police force for the Greater London area — has announced they may sell their headquarters, New Scotland Yard, in order to cut costs. They are trying to reduce their £3.6 billion annual budget by £500 million, following cuts by the coalition government. If the sale of […]

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